February at PMS

Hello Pickering Master Splashers Membership,

Welcome to February. Here are some of things happening in February at PMS.

  • February meters Challenge. As posted on Facebook (access from https://pickeringmastersplashers.com/ home page). Let’s start logging your meters. Both on your own and during a PMS practice. The member with the most will be awarded a prize. You can either send your meters to Paul at gemmink@pickeringmastersplashers.com or why not post them to the Master Swim Canada Web site. Please see instruction below to get started with MSC.
    • Once you are to member’s home page, simply select Million Meter Challenge and add your meters. As can be seen these can broken down or enter total in the mixed column. Note: for our purposes, please enter your meters from workouts and swims in February even though only meters enter after you signup date will count towards MSC awards.
    • It should be mentioned that we will make an effort to ensure all workouts will be posted in the member’s area so you can reference these for workouts you attended. To Access members area, simply go to https://pickeringmastersplashers.com/members/ . Please use your email address i.e. used when you registered and password. The default password is “Please see email sent to members with this information”, but this can be changed. If you changed and forgotten you password, you can use the “lost your password”
  • In case you need more of a challenge….this Thursday Feb 9th, Iain, will have a 1000m timed swim during practice. This is an option for those that would like to know how fast they can swim 1000m. We will repeat this in a few months to chart progress. You can also chart progress against an age graded performance chart (more to follow on this).
    In case you can’t make Thursday’s swim, Rene will also set aside some lanes on Saturday morning (Feb 11th), as will Kevin on Monday night (Feb 13th).You can also enter your time on the MSC under the 1 KM Swim Challenge.
  • On the social front
    • Thursday night at Knights Corner after the workout
    • Saturday Mornings at Kathryn’s Bar & Grill for breakfast after the workout.


Getting Started with Master Swim Canada (MSC) and MSC Challenges

MSC is sponsoring a number of swim challenges for members of which you are one. In addition you can see your profile including your master number as per your registration with MSO (Master Swim Ontario) which is part of you membership with PMS.

In order to get start with MSC, you must first register

Steps to Register:

  1. Go to https://www.mastersswimmingcanada.ca/WP/en/home/
  2. Click on Sign in. If you haven’t registered, select
  3. Enter your and email address i.e. the same as you used when you registered with PMS
  4. Enter password, password hint, and security validation
  5. You should then receive message “AUTHORIZED WEBSITE ACCESS” indicating your request has been approved with your email
  6. You will then be directed back to sign in,
  7. Enter email and password.
  8. You should now see your Member Page with the 4 current challenges, your swim meet history and Profile.

Note: this login may also be used to access MSO at

As always, any feedback is always appreciated. Any questions / concerns, please let us know.

Best regards,

PMS Executive