Master Swim Ontario Provincials

Congratulations to Jeff and Rebecca who very impressively represented PMS in Ottawa on the March 23rd weekend.


Greg is organizing another outing to the Regent in Oshawa. If you are interested, please let him  know at  ASAP or by next Tuesday February 27th so group tickets can be purchased. tickets are approx. $35.

 You  can also forward any questions to

PMS Executive

FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 2018  8:00  PM

Presented by:  Inside The Music in Association with Hey Bear Productions

The story began in 1976. Pink Floyd takes us all on a journey. We live our lives alongside their masterpieces. They provide a soundtrack for our lives. 

Classic Albums Live perform the album like an orchestra would perform Mozart. With reverence and awe. Since the onset of Classic Albums Live in 2003, we have been continually striving for perfection within the performance of the album. We never take this record for granted. We never rest on our laurels. The album demands a deft touch. We use our ‘note for note’ phrase as a credo, but we also get fanatical about ‘tone for tone’ and ‘feel for feel.’ This music demands greatness. The performance needs to be perfect. There is no grey area. You’re either on the dark side of the moon or the bright side. Our orbit is sound.

‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is our flagship show. It’s the show that changed our lives for the better. We hope that at some time during the performance – you close your eyes and dream of both the future and the past. And that you realize that you have grown up with one of the greatest pieces of music ever made.

Intermission will take place after the album has been performed, followed by a 2nd set consisting of Pink Floyd greatest hits.

2017 Pentathlon Swim Meet

2017 Pentathlon Swim Meet, an annual must do 1st swim meet of the season is coming up on Dec 09, 2017 at the Markam PanAm Pool and being host by North York Gators.

Please see MeetPackage(914)    for for information.

Club contact: Paul Gemmink

MSO Symposium and Fun Meet

 Coming on December 3, 2017 an event being held at Ivor Wynne Centre, McMaster University to spark your interest and promote Adult Health and Fitness and master swimming in Ontario. For more information, please refer to MSO SYMPOSIUM AND FUN MEET



Always a great time.


Saturday, November 18, 20178:00 PM

Regent Theatre Oshawa, ON

Intermission will take place after the album has been played, followed by a Best of the Beatles 2nd set.

If you are interested in an evening with the Beatles… well almost, then join us for a rocking great time.

For those interested, we may book a dinner reservation at Avanti’s Trattoria in Oshawa before the show.

Let us know if you are able to attend. Discounted tickets for a group of 10 or greater by talking to Greg Bordash or send a note






Swimming Monday October 2

Remember that the Pan Am pool is not available on Monday night. As a result, we will be swimming at Dunbarton from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

2017/2018 Season Start-Up, September 18, 2017

With the summer of 2017 coming to an end, it is time again to “Get into the Swim” with PMS. So whether you have had a great Tri season, open water swims, have otherwise got some swims over the summer, or just looking forward to getting back in the pool, we are looking forwarding to offering you a great program as part of your healthy life style.

We start our season on Monday September 18, 2017 at the Pan Am pool with an open swim. All that is required is for you to bring a signed waiver. To save time, get the waiver, go to or we will have copies at the pool. If you had a TPASC pass from last year, it should still work. Otherwise just let them know you are from PMS and they will let you in. For directions to TPASC, please check our website. All are welcome, whether you are a returning member or just want to try it out.

This is to be followed by our official season opening informational session and swim at the Pickering Recreational Complex pool on Tuesday September 19, 2017 at 8:15 pm. Signs will posted at the main entrance to the complex with directions to the meeting room. This to be followed by a swim from 9:00 – 10:00 pm in the complex pool.

With regard to pools and scheduling. Unfortunately DIP (Dunbarton High School Indoor Pool) will not be available until Saturday September 23, 2017 due to maintenance and repairs. So while this is being done, we are being allocated room at the complex pool for our swims on Tuesday September 19th and 21st. Should DIP not be available on Saturday September 23rd, you will be notified and we will continue our Tuesday and Thursday’s with no Saturday swims until DIP does become available.

On the coaching front, we are happy to welcome back Rene St.Aubin, Kevin Boehnke, Iain Johnston, and Samantha Catania. All did a great job last season and we will be looking for the same this season.

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